Submission Paper

Call for the 2019 International Medical Information Joint Workshop

※Contribution link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=jcmit2019

Important date
Time for submission 2019/4/1-2019/8/15 =>2019/8/30
Review time 2019/4/15-2019/8/30
Paper acceptance 2019/9/1 =>2019/9/5
Conference time 2019/10/4-2019/10/5

Instructions for Authors: Submission of papers (limited to two pages of abstract or total pages within six pages, the content may include: Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion, Acknowledgement, etc.) (but not limited to this format).
The paper size is A4 paper (i.e. 210 x 297mm) with 1.9 cm left and right.
The text has two columns, the column width is 1 cm, and the text is aligned to the left and right. Single line spacing, no spaces at the beginning of each paragraph. The contribution font is Times, the title word size is 14 levels; the author word size is 12 levels, bold, with the abc mark on the author unit, the unit word size is 10 levels; the abstract (italic), keyword, unit title word size 10 Level, bold; abstract and text size 10, but the abstract part is italic.
The format of the chart, the title is marked in Table x & Figure x, the size of the word is 10, italic. Please print in black and white and arrange it yourself without exceeding the upper, lower and left limits.
The chart needs to be printed on one page at the same time as this article. The papers accepted in the future will be printed directly or in original documents, and the academic committee will not make any changes. This conference will be submitted electronically on the website. Please refer to the conference website.
The submission language is Chinese or English. If you are a Chinese contributor, you must attach an English abstract.
Accepted submissions, the conference will provide single-shot projectors, computers, and network facilities at the venue (if you need the last two devices, or other special needs, please indicate in the submitted personal information to facilitate the operation).

Sample format download:

  • JCMIT2019論文格式Chinese template(中文範本)
  • JCMIT2019論文格式English template(英文範本)

  • #Submission dedicated EMAIL:141514@mail.fju.edu.tw   jcmit.tw@gmail.com