Paper Publication Agenda

10/4(五) AM Paul Cardinal Shan Medical Building, Fu Jen Catholic University
10:00-11:40 Session(A1)
Room: MD417
Session Chair: Hung-Wen Chiu
  1. Fully Automatic Gliomas Detection: Brain Tumor Segmentation Using U-net Model
    Wen Wei Chu, Hung Wen Chiu
  2. Using Artificial Neural Network and Mel frequency cepstral coefficients to recognize emotion in speech
    Man-Hua Lee, Hung-Wen Chiu
  3. Establish breast cancer recurrence prediction model Compare the accuracy of different machine learning methods
    Ya Fang Cheng, Yin Chen Chen, Hsiu An Lee, Hueng Chuen Fan, and Chien Yeh Hsu
  4. Breast Cancer Recurrence Prediction Using Data Mining Technique
    Pei-Tse Yang, Wen-Shuo Wua, Jia-Lien Hsua, Chung-Ho Hsieh
  5. Unsupervised Left Ventricle Segmentation Based on Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Kuan-Yu Chen, Hsiao-Chi Li1, Chien-Chang Hsu
  6. Detection of Sleep Apnea using Deep Learning Algorithm Based on Electroencephalogram Signal
    Neng-Hsuan,wang, Meng-Lin Chang, Hsiao-Chi Li, Chien-Chang Hsu
Room: MD418
Session Chair: 潘美連
  1. The Factors Affecting Individuals' Use of ePHR
  2. A Study of Enterprise Resource Plaining System based on Service-Oriented Architecture
  3. Investigation and discussion on the current status of electronic medical records in Taiwan
    L.W. Chen1, W.W. Jiang, S.F. Chiou, M.L. Pan, E.W. Huang, and H.H. Wu
  4. Personal Health Record Exchange System Based on Blockchain Architecture
    Hsin-Hua Kung, Hsiu-An Lee, Hsiao-Hsuan Chen, and Chien-Yeh Hsu
  5. 病歷專業人員推動醫學資訊數據分析人力轉型準備度之相關因素探討-以北部某醫學中心為例
  6. Using the Specimen Delivery System to Improve the Quality of Blood Preparation of the Regional Hospital
    Y.T. Hsu, W.N. Huang, C.H. Mao, W.Y. Fang and Y.T. Yeh

10/4(五) PM Paul Cardinal Shan Medical Building, Fu Jen Catholic University
12:10-13:20Session : Taiwan Medical Informatics Academic Luncheon
Room: MD417
Chair: Dean Ping-Keung Yip, College of Medicine, FJU
Speaker: Yu-Chuan (Jack) Li, College of Medical Science and Technology, TMU
13:40-14:50 Session(A2)
Room: MD417
Session Chair: Shih-Tsang Tang
  1. Multi-Class Discrimination of Brain Age Group based on Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Chang-Yu Cheng, Meng-Lin Chang, Hsiao-Chi Li, Chien-Chang Hsu
  2. A Deep Image Based Rehabilitation Assistant — A Example of Posture Discrimination
    Wan- Chun Liao, Jing Wang, Yi-Shu Zhou, Ying-Hui Lai, Wai-Keung Lee
  3. Building Parkinson’s Disease Prediction Models Based on Speech Features Using Artificial Neural Network
    Wen-Hua TU, Hung-Wen Chiu
  4. Photoplethysmography signal estimate blood pressure based on time domain and frequency domain features in a neural network
    Shin-Yu Kao, Hung-Wen Chiu

Room: MD418
Session Chair: Chien-Yeh Hsu
  1. Medical Information Development Strategies and Potential Needs in Southeast Asia Countries
    Hsiu-An Lee, Chien-Yeh Hsu
  2. Development of Standardization DICOMWeb Medical Image Database
    Chien-Hua Chua, Tseng-Tse Chenb, Chia-He Linb, Shih-Tsang Tang , and Chung-Yueh Lien
  3. Universal data format conversion system
    Shook-Mun Lui, Yin-Chun Liu, Ueng-Cheng Yang
  4. Corpus development for mandarin-speaking children in the scenario of natural interaction

15:10-16:20 Session(A3)
Room: MD417
Session Chair: 饒孝先
  1. Efficacy of transfer learning on small datasets by using medical images from optical coherence tomography
    Chia-Yao Chen, Emily Chia-Yu Su
  2. Automatic Discrimination of Medical Images from Different Modality and Anatomical Location Using Convolutional Neural Network
    Chen-Hua Chiang , Hung-Wen Chiu
  3. Colorectal Polyp Detection Using Deep Learning Algorithm with Grayscale Processing on Colonoscopy
    Feng Yu, Shih, Meng-Lin Chang, Hsiao-Chi Li1, Chien-Chang Hsu, Chen-Ming Hsu
  4. Volume Estimation of Renal Stone on Computed Tomography Imaging Using Deep Learning
    Chen-Yan Yang, Meng-Lin Chang, Chien-Chang Hsu, Hsiao-Chi Li

Room: MD418
Session Chair: 張顯洋
  1. Use EYE to Voice A loud
    Hsieh.Hua Hsin, Hsu An, Jia.Liang Lan, Chia.Yuan Chieh, Ching.Miin Duh, Liarn.Rurng Wen
  2. The Feasibility Evaluation of the Smartphone based Lower Limb Rehabilitation for Stroke Patients
    Pei Yu Lin, Chieh Min Lin, Chih Liang Wu, and Shih Tsang Tang
  3. Establish A Chronic Wound Interactive Platform between Doctors and Patients
    M.J. Sua, Y.T. Liua, M.L. Hsiaob, S.H. Wuc, S.T. Tang
  4. Quantifying Attention Base on EEG in Order to Assess the Effectiveness of Attention Training System
    Hsin Yen Chien, Chia Yen Yang
  5. Geographic Distribution and Risk Factors Associated with Patients with Alcohol Use Disorder in Taiwan
    Nien-Tzu Chen, Su-Chen Fang, Yu-Hsuan Joni Shao

16:30-17:40 Session(A4)
Room: MD417
Session Chair: 劉立
  1. Specific air pollution indicators are related to the 30-day recurrence of acute myocardial infarction:a nationwide cohort study by time stratified case-crossover study design
    Chien-Lung Chan, Ai-Hsien Li, Ren-Hao Pan, Chiung–Yi Wu
  2. Analysis of the Relationship between Dysphagia Scales and Voice Features
    Li-Ya Lin, Hsin-Yu Chou, Li-Chun Hsieh, Pei-Yi Wang, and Shih-Tsang Tang
  3. An Heart Rate Variability-Based Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation Prediction System
    Li-Wen Huang, Guan-Min Li, and Ke-Shiuan Lynn
  4. Comparison of risk factors of acute myocardial infarction between young and elderly patients- Experience from a region hospital in central Taiwan
    Yu-Ching Chen, Ying-Chieh Lin, Kwen-Hsiung Chen
Room: MD418
Session Chair: 李彥良
  1. Virtual reality based visual training game for vision improvement
    Pin Wei Lin, Chia Yen Yang
  2. Development of the Exoskeleton Assisted Finger Rehabilitation System
    Tzu-Lin Wu, Chia-Yen Yang
  3. The design and implementation of cloud-based orthodontics tracking application for iOS devices - A Case Study of Invisalign
    Z.H. Huang, and J.L. Hsu
  4. Mobile scale interface design based on user experience:The Case of Dementia