Joint Conference on Medical Informatics in Taiwan 2019

Emerging Technology and Digital Health Care - Accelerated Innovation ABCDE (AIoT/Blockchain/Cloud/Data/Ecosystem)
Time: 2019.10.04 (Fri) ~ 2019.10.05 (Sat)
Location: Fu Jen University, Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital
Address: No. 510, Zhongzheng Road, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City // No.69, Gueizih Rd, Taishan Dist, New Taipei City

Conference theme: Emerging Technologies and Digital Health Care - ABCDE Accelerating Innovation
The activities include: research papers and publications, expert speeches, posters, production and government exchanges, manufacturers exhibiting, hospital visits, dinner exchanges, etc.
Organizers: Fu Jen University, Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital, Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan Medical Information Society, iThome
Co-organizers: Taiwan Health Information Industry Integration Association, Taiwan Health Information Exchange Level 7 Agreement Association, Taiwan Care Information Society, Taiwan Medical Imaging Information Standards Association
Subsidy unit:

The 2019 International Medical Information Joint Seminar is scheduled to be held at the University of Fu Jen from October 4 to October 5, 2008. The theme of the conference is "Emerging Technology and Digital Health Care". - ABCDE (Emerging Technologies on Digital Medicine and Healthcare - Innovation Accelerating with AIoT/Blockchain/Cloud/Data/Ecosystem). Specifically, explore the issues related to the application of emerging communication technologies in the fields of medical and health care.
(1) Explore new models and share relevant experiences when emerging technologies are used in the medical and health care fields.
(2) Understand the benefits of combining emerging technologies with innovative medical care models.
(3) Exploring the methods and practices of medical information-related departments and hospital information departments to jointly cultivate talents with emerging scientific and technological knowledge and skills.
(4) Promote relevant knowledge sharing and international exchanges between emerging science and technology and medical health care in the industry and academia.

The medical professional and communication majors have long been Taiwan's strengths. With the advent of an aging society, long-term health care has become the focus of attention of the whole people and the government. From hospital medical services to discharge preparation services to long-term institutions such as home, community, and security, it has become a trend to integrate uninterrupted telemedicine health care services. On the other hand, Taiwan is a major town of telecommunications technology. With the rapid and diversified development of emerging information technologies, such as: mobile technology, wearable technology, cloud services, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, etc., the application of innovative technology in the field of medical and health care has developed many smart medical innovation services to enhance medical care. Care for the quality and efficiency of the service, and promote the vigorous development of the smart medical industry. Therefore, this international medical information joint seminar is based on the theme of ABCDE (Emerging Technologies on Medical and Health Care - Innovation Accelerating with AIoT/Blockchain/Cloud/Data/Ecosystem). We sincerely invite all parties to participate in the following original (Original Scientific Papers), Prospective (Future Vision Papers), and Review Papers contributions.

Call for papers topic:
(Conference topics include but are not limited to the following)
1. Artificial Intelligence for Medical/Healthcare
2. Bioinformatics related topics
3. Blockchain for Medical/Healthcare
4. Clinical Decision Support
5. Continuity of Care Services
6. Cloud Computing/Services for Medical/Healthcare
7. Data (Big Data / Open Data) and Knowledge Management for Medical/Healthcare
8. Digital Medical/Health Innovations
9. Disease Surveillance
10. Ecosystems for Medical/Healthcare Informatics
11. Education and Training for Medical/Healthcare Informatics
12. Electronic Health/Medical Records
13. Health Insurance Electronic Claims
14. Infrastructure and Policies for Medical/Healthcare Informatics
15. IoT for Medical/Healthcare
16. Long-Term Care Systems and Services
17. Medical/Healthcare Information Systems and Services
18. Medical/Healthcare Communication and Networking Technologies
19. Mobile/Pervasive/Ubiquitous Application for Healthcare
20. Nursing Informatics related Topics
21. Patient Safety
22. Security and Privacy for Medical/Healthcare Informatics
23. Software Engineering for Medical/Healthcare Information Systems
24. Standards (DOCOM, PACS, CDA, IHE …) for Medical/Healthcare Informatics
25. Translational Medicine
26. Other Topics related to Medical/Healthcare Informatics

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